Sunday 10 March 2024

Crossings at Ancrum Road and Logie Street #dundeewestend

The pedestrian crossing at Ancrum Road outside Ancrum Road has unfortunately been out of action for a short period following - firstly - a vehicle driving into one of the poles and demolishing it - secondly - the urban traffic control team working really fast to replace that pole the following day, then - thirdly and amazingly - another vehicle demolishing the other pole in an unrelated accident the following day.

As the crossing was over 20 years old, the decision was taken to replace the crossing with a new state-of-the-art one and we asked the urban traffic control team's assistant engineer on Friday about progress with installation and were advised as follows :

"The new crossing was commissioned on Tuesday afternoon and was signed over to us this morning.

My colleague attended site with the signal company and carried out the acceptance tests, everything was working as expected."

We both had a visit yesterday and were pleased to see the new crossing now operational - see photo of Fraser at the crossing - below.

As parents and carers of the pupils at Ancrum Road Primary School are aware, the school crossing patroller (SCP) at the Logie Street junction with Ancrum Road has been missing due to a personnel matter, which we understand should soon be resolved.

We are very concerned - as are parents and carers - about the lack of the SCP at such a busy crossing and have been in regular contact with Tayside Contracts (who run the SCP service) about this. We were also advised on Friday by the Facilities Business Manager as follows :

"Thanks for your further email regarding SCP cover at Ancrum PS. I have spoken with members of the area facilities management team this morning who have confirmed that we have a couple of new recruits who are pending PVG Scheme Membership.

As soon as scheme membership is confirmed and start date agreed the plan is to review resource allocation to facilitate full cover at Ancrum PS at the very earliest opportunity.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific at this point, but you will appreciate that a few things need to fall into place before there can be a firm commitment for cover."