Wednesday 13 March 2024

Getting things done – postal deliveries in the Ancrum Drive area - an update #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that we recently highlighted concerns from residents about irregular/no delivery of post in Ancrum Drive and concerns that there may be no regular postal delivery worker for this round.

We raised this with the Public Affairs Team at Royal Mail HQ and have now received feedback from its Senior Public Affairs Manager as follows :

"I have spoken with the Customer Operations Lead who is responsible for the DD2 postcode area.

They confirmed that mail deliveries to addresses on Ancrum Drive are taking place six days a week when there is mail to delivery – this has been the case for last few weeks.

If this is not possible mail will be delivered the next working day."

We have asked the residents who raised this to let us know if there are any further difficulties with deliveries in the coming weeks.

Separately, we have raised with Royal Mail concerns about the reliability of postal deliveries in part of Blackness Avenue, following concerns raised with us by residents.