Wednesday 24 May 2023

Balgay Park entrance at Scott Street #dundeewestend

We have received complaints about the road surface within the “triangle” at the Scott Street entrance to Balgay Park, which is badly deteriorated.

We raised this and the Roads Maintenance Partnership Manager has responded as follows :

“I have visit the area personally and confirm that I was only able to identify a single actionable defect which was situated at the junction of Scott Street and Balgay Road.

While the surface within this area is badly degraded and in need of a full reconstruction unfortunately due to the funding levels allocated to the Roads Maintenance Partnership and the low level usage of this street, full resurfacing of this area is not likely in the near future.

The Roads Maintenance Partnership will continue to monitor the areas condition through cyclical inspection and I will organise the repair of the single actionable defect.”

We responded asking that the loose debris on the road be swept up and received this further feedback :

“I will request that colleagues at neighbourhood services give this area a light sweep next time they are in the area.

Unfortunately, with the condition of the surface, this may actually cause further defects to appear however we will at least attempt to remove the worst of debris within this area.”

The current budget is wholly inadequate and far too few roads and footpaths are being upgraded.    At the council’s revenue budget earlier this year, the Liberal Democrat Group proposed an additional £2 million next year for roads resurfacing and £1 million on pavements resurfacing to properly tackle the state of many footpaths and road surfaces that we get so many complaints about.

Unfortunately the other parties voted this down but our group will continue to campaign for roads and pavements improvements.