Friday 14 October 2022

Scotland's Garden Scheme - this weekend! #dundeewestend

This forthcoming weekend again sees Frances and John Dent in Glamis Drive open their lovely garden to residents as part of Scotland's Gardens Scheme.

Not only is a visit to the garden a pleasure - it also helps raise funds for charity.   This time, John and Frances are again supporting Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

The homes were founded more than 100 years ago as an orphanage for Anglo-Indian children. Since then it has developed to be a successful boarding school for children from Nursery to Senior ages, with an additional hostel in Kolkata for school leavers progressing to higher education.

The pupils now come from a range of socially deprived families rather than as orphans. Approximately half of the boarding pupils are partially or fully sponsored by an international group of supporters especially from the UK.   As Dr Graham was a Moderator of the General Assembly in the 1940s, the Church of Scotland has a long-standing interest in the homes.

So, please visit this weekend - a lovely garden to see and a very worthwhile charity being supported.

You can get full details below :