Friday 7 October 2022

Paper and cardboard facilities at Riverside Recycling Centre #dundeewestend

Since the reopening of the Riverside Recycling Centre after the initial COVID lockdowns, we have had complaints about the lack of both paper and cardboard facilities.

We have repeatedly raised this and have now had this welcome update from the council's Waste Services Manager :

"I can confirm that paper and carboard can now be placed in the same skip for recycling, as per our new contractual arrangements that were reported to committee last year 

We have been on site today and reminded the attendants of this. 

We previously provided small chain lift skips for separate paper recycling but as part of our efficiency improvements we have replaced these with new small hook lift skips for paper/cardboard. 

These can be serviced by the same skip lorry that does the larger skips and negates the need for two different skip trucks to service the site. 

We will have the signage updated shortly to reflect this as well."