Friday 31 December 2021

Getting things done - Seabraes fencing damage #dundeewestend

Residents contacted me after Storm Arwen at the end of November about the damage to the fencing through the Seabraes site along the path from Roseangle to Greenmarket.

The fencing is owned by Scottish Enterprise and fences off the area that was subject to decontamination works over the past decade.

I am grateful to Scottish Enterprise for promptly ensuring that exposed nails on parts of broken fencing was promptly dealt with and work commenced to repair the fallen sections of fencing.

I asked, on behalf of residents, if the fencing would be repaired or simply removed as the decontamination works were completed some time ago.

The position of Scottish Enterprise is that the fencing will be retained and repaired and has advised as follows :

"The decontamination works on the site were completed in 2017.  

Since then the focus has been on improving onsite drainage and surface water, with remedial work undertaken onsite and in the gardens of (two properties in) Roseangle.  

Discussions are continuing with Network Rail in relation to the use of an outfall pipe which would release the surface water capacity required to develop the site. 

However progress on that continues to be slow given the pipe was installed back in 1990 and locating wayleave is proving difficult."