Tuesday 3 August 2021

Getting things done - Westgate Health Centre #dundeewestend

Many West End residents use the Westgate Health Centre for their GP services.

I have received requests that the practice has a handrail added outside the entrance to assist patients with mobility difficulties parking in the disabled parking bays to get from there to the GP entrance.

I raised this with NHS Tayside and its Medical Director has helpfully responded as follows :

"NHS Tayside is committed to ensuring our sites are accessible for patients and I can confirm that improvements to ramp access have been made and automatic doors have been installed at the health centre in recent years.

The issue regarding the lack of handrails has been passed to our Property Team and I can advise that a handrail will be designed and fitted as soon as possible.   This is being done in consultation with the Westgate Practice Manager.   

We will also undertake an assessment of the roadways and footpaths as required to ensure the continued safety of patients."