Wednesday 25 August 2021

29 000 Reasons

Dundee Youth Work Network is launching a new campaign - 29 000 Reasons - this Saturday which is really worthy of support! 

The network was formed during the first lockdown to support mutual support and collaboration between youth work agencies in Dundee.  

It now has more than a dozen member organisations who are working together on community fundraising from Saturday 28th August to 11th September to support youth work across the city.

You can find out more details at its campaign page at :

There are 29 000 young people living in Dundee and facing the many challenges of the pandemic and of ordinary life. 

Dundee Youth Work Network members work citywide offering support around emotional and mental health, employability support, housing support, sexual health, LGBT+, support for ADHD, sports coaching, dancing, gaming and anything else young people need.    

With help from friends around the city it is doing lots of different actions around the number 29 or 29 000 and asking people to support this excellent initiative!