Friday 24 January 2020

Latest update from Friends of Wighton

From Sheena Wellington :

Wighton Heritage Centre, Central Library
Tomorrow - Saturday 25th January - at 11am (doors open 10.30am)
Cappuccino Concert starring Wilma Kennedy

We launch the 2020 Wighton season with double Mod Gold Medallist Wilma Kennedy, singing at our Burns Day Cappuccino Concert.   Rabbie set many of his loveliest lyrics to Gaelic tunes so would surely approve. 

One of our finest Gaelic singers, a sought after teacher and coach with wide experience on television and radio, Wilma is no stranger to the Wighton.   As the Friends of Wighton Gaelic Song tutor for several years she introduced numerous singers to the beauties of the Gaelic tradition.

It is a joy to welcome her back for what will be a wonderful morning of song.

Admission £5 with tea/coffee available for a small donation.