Thursday 30 January 2020

Friends of Wighton event

From Sheena Wellington :

Wednesday 5th February from 1.15pm - 1.45pm 
Wighton Heritage Centre, Central Library
Lunchtime Recital with Robbie Fotheringham, storyteller

Robbie, founding member of Blether-Tay-Gither, Dundee's Storytelling Group for Adults,  keeps the tradition of oral storytelling alive.   

She believes in inclusive storytelling; the story is always the star of the show and audiences are asked to contribute and participate therefore feeling a part of the story.    Stories may originate from near or far; some are specially written for specific situations. 

Robbie has also collaborated with other storytellers, presenting workshops at Dundee's Women's Festivals and takes part in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival each October. 

Admission free, donations welcomed.