Friday, 10 January 2020

Bad news on West End car parking #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, just before Christmas, I again reiterated my strong opposition to the council administration's policy of introducing car parking charges into seven West End car parks.

The effect will be particularly difficult for residents and add to on-street car parking in the area.

I received the following update late yesterday from the council's Parking and Sustainable Transport Team Leader :

"We expect the new car parking charges in the seven West End car parks to be introduced on Monday, 27 January 2020.   In advance, we will advertise the change by way of signage and press releases from early next week.   Meters have already been installed at most of the car parks and these will be commissioned on 23/24 January 2020.  New tariff charge boards will be erected over the weekend of 25/26 January 2020.  

New lighting is being installed by the Street Lighting Partnership in Roseangle Car Park during week commencing 20 January 2020.  For a few days this car park will be closed to create a safe working environment.  This closure will also be advertised in advance."

The effect of these charges will be highly detrimental and, even at this late stage, I would urge the council administration to think again about introducing them.