Monday 30 September 2019

Community Council elections

The West End has been lucky to have a very active Community Council over many years.    Community Council elections are upon us and details are below :
Invitation to Nominate Community Councillors and Petition for Community Councils

Community Councillors are elected (through the process of nomination and election if required) every 4 years.  Dundee City Council manages this process and would like to inform you that nominations for new Community Councillors are welcomed.  

A public notice was placed in the Evening Telegraph, Friday 27th September, inviting nominations for Community Councillors in areas where Community Councils exist and petitions to form new Community Councils in areas where no Community Council exists. 

Nomination Forms, petition forms and additional information, including boundaries of Community Councils, the scheme of operation for Community Councils and the code of Conduct for Community Councillors will be located in libraries and community centres across the city from today - 30th September.  

Completed Nomination Forms should be sent to the Community Council Liaison Officer by Friday 25th October 2019 (postal address on nomination form). 

All information can also be accessed here (from today).

For further information, please contact the Community Council Liaison Officer, Natalie Mackland - 436796 or