Sunday 8 September 2019

Getting things done - Pentland #dundeewestend

Residents in Pentland Crescent and Pentland Avenue have asked me why they currently do not get offered a brown bin garden waste collection.

I raised this with the City Council and received the following positive response from the Service Manager - Waste Management in Neighbourhood Services :

" ... neither Pentland Avenue or Crescent appear on our current brown bin routes.

However, going forward, I can't see any reason why they would be excluded. 

I'll discuss with the routing team to ensure they are sent appropriate information prior to the permitting scheme going live so they can participate if they so wish. 

This would also be the case for flats."

While it is good that a brown bin collection will be offered in the future, this clearly will not be the case until the £35 charge per bin is introduced in March 2020.

I reiterate that introducing a charge for recycling garden waste is a retrograde step that will not help the city reach its recycling targets.