Tuesday 1 October 2019

Getting things done - Magdalen Green #dundeewestend

Further to my recent article about the maintenance of Balgay and Victoria Parks, I have also had similar concerns about grass and other maintenance at Magdalen Green.

Having raised this matter with environment management at the City Council, I have now had this feedback from the Service Manager - Environment in the council's Neighbourhood Services :

"Magdalen Green has always been a fast growing area historically.    We have had to carry out additional cuts to the grass on a number of occasions over the seasons prior to events such as WestFest due to the growth rate.   The constant warm weather and rain this season hasn't helped. 

Whilst we have kept to our planned cutting schedule of a fortightly visit, the excessive growth has been against us. To try and alleviate the situation the area was cut down on Wednesday oif last week and gone over again.      We will endeavour to cut it again this week. 

These actions will help to improve the situation.    Hopefully the grass will start to slow down shortly."