Thursday 15 February 2018

Sheltered Housing Shoppers' Bus #dundeewestend

The City Council now operates the sheltered housing shoppers' bus service that takes residents direct from their sheltered housing complex to a supermarket and then back to the complex after around an hour for shopping.    

The West End routes are as follows :

Tuesday Timetable :

Tullideph Place 1150
Logie Avenue/Gardens 1205
TESCO RIVERSIDE - arrive 1225
TESCO RIVERSIDE - depart 1325

Thursday Timetable :

Corso Street 1000
Pennycook Lane 1005
Muirlands 1010
Patons Lane 1015
TESCO RIVERSIDE - arrive 1015
TESCO RIVERSIDE - depart 1125

I have requested that the Morven Terrace Sheltered Housing is included in future (I've discussed this previously with the tenants) and have been advised by the council's Travel Care Officer that :

"I have spoken with the driver and I think there is time to accommodate a pick up at Morven Terrace on Tuesday - around midday. The bus will take the shoppers to Tesco Riverside.     ...  we will count the number of passengers travelling from Tullideph Place and Logie Avenue/Gardens to ensure there is sufficient space for any additional passengers from Morven Terrace. Once I have an answer I will liaise with the warden."