Saturday 17 February 2018

Disused office block at Dundee Technology Park - an update

As residents know, I have on many occasions expressed concern over the deteriorating state of an empty prominent office block in Luna Place in the Technology Park that sits beside the Riverside Avenue Ambassador Route, a key entry road into Dundee, with many thousands of vehicles passing every day.

The office block has lain empty for some time and it is understood the owner lives in Ireland.    Late last year, with planning authority, new fencing was erected round the site which I felt was a positive sign, but thereafter there had been poor workmanship including trenches around the site and also significant vandalism.

I took this up with planning officers at the council and the selling agents who are local and I asked them to advise the owner to take steps to rectify the situation and properly restore the building.      

The council’s Planning Enforcement Officer advised me in November 2017 as follows :

“(The owner has) confirmed the trenches outside were dug to allow electricity providers to put in cables.  However when they arrived on site they were unable to supply the required amount of power needed for the building.     Work then come to a standstill.     The transformers have been paid for last week but it takes 6 -8 weeks to get on site.  When the electricity providers arrive on site, the other workmen will also start on site to enable to building to be leased again.  The owner hopes the work will be completed by the end of January 2018.”

However, that works has not happened by the end of January and I therefore asked the council’s Planning Enforcement Officer to intervene.     She updated me last week as follows :

“I managed to get hold of the owner today.  He has been chasing Scottish Electric but the transformers still haven't arrived.  The owner has chased the manufacturers.  Once the transformers arrive they will be given a two week window for when the work will commence on site.  I advised the owner to let me know when he receives the two week time slot and I will keep you updated.”

The deterioration of this building is very obvious on such a prominent site.   It is a terrible advertisement when visitors enter the city, so removing the eyesore as soon as possible is vital.