Wednesday 7 February 2018

Friends of Wighton event today!

From Sheena Wellington :

Today - Wednesday 7th February - Lunchtime Recital at 1.15pm
Wighton Heritage Centre at the Central Library - Lorraine Wilson with Tosh Flood!

Lorraine Wilson is a Dundee-born singer who has performed with various bands in her home city over the years.   A freelance journalist, she is the author of Take it to the Bridge, a book charting the history of rock and pop in Dundee, and Facing Forward, a fascinating account of her solo back-packing trip around Europe. 

She is currently working on an album with her husband Tosh Flood, a highly respected Dublin-born musician, songwriter, and producer, who plays guitars with The Divine Comedy.   They both performed in London with the London Accordion Orchestra in January.

Lorraine and Tosh have put together a special, rather eclectic set of songs for a performance at the Wighton Centre.

Admission is free; donations for Friends of Wighton’s Outreach programme are welcome.