Thursday, 6 July 2017

Polepark Road environmental improvements

Late last year, I highlighted that the City Council had identified environmental improvements at Polepark Road as part of a number of welcome works taking place to upgrade areas in the West End.

Polepark was particularly welcome as I had previously advised the City Council the need for upgrade of the area to the back of the flats on the east side of Polepark Road.

The works were approved at the council's Neighbourhood Services Committee last month and I asked if the tenants' car park immediately north of the flats would be improved at the same time given its poor surface.

The council's Head of Housing and Communities has now updated me as follows :

"I can confirm that the car park area at this location is on the Housing Revenue Account.  We have opened discussions with environment staff to ensure that we co-ordinate housing and environment works in this area so that the car park does not detract from the other works being planned."