Tuesday 25 July 2017

Draft Local Outcome Improvement Plan - Consultation

From the Dundee Partnership Team :

Our plans to improve Dundee

The Dundee Partnership is determined to make Dundee a more successful and fairer city and we’ve been preparing our ideas and plans about how we will do this over the next ten years. 

We’ve prepared a draft Local Outcome Improvement Plan for 2017-26 that builds on the ongoing extensive community engagement undertaken by partners and agencies across the city.     It also incorporates the results of the Engage Dundee process.    So we’ve been listening carefully to your views and we hope that this plan shows that we know what your priorities are.   Read the draft here.

But this is still a consultation draft so at this stage we are describing our city, the economic and social outcomes we are determined to achieve, and setting out our priorities for action.

Over the next few months we will be collecting the most accurate and informative performance indicators to help us map out our progress and setting targets to stretch us to do better. Our final version will be published by October 2017.

We are already thinking about some of the ways we can improve it by doing things like -

-      making it shorter and clearer 
-      summarising our strengths and achievements as a city as well as the challenges we face
-      pulling out lots of information that is in other plans and providing links to them instead
-      saying more about how the third and private sectors do and will contribute to improving Dundee
-      spelling out our ideas around green spaces and biodiversity

Please let us know what you think by 18 August. To gather your views, we’ve prepared a feedback form that can be found on the Dundee Partnership website here, it can be completed online or downloaded for completion and emailed to us at dundee.partnership@dundeecity.gov.uk or hard copies posted to Dundee Partnership Team, Floor 4, 5 City Square, Dundee, DD1 3BG.