Wednesday 12 July 2017

Litter bins - Riverside Drive

A resident recently advised :

"I live in the flats next to Tesco in Riverside Drive. Opposite my flat there is a car parking area with waste bins. 

The council workers clean this area almost every day and do a magnificent job, however their task is exacerbated by the gulls, who find it easy to pull waste from the bins while looking for food. The mess they make can be awful and really detracts from this beautiful area. 

A simple solution to this problem might be to replace the bin lids to ones that the gulls cannot dip in to, could this be given some consideration?"

I received a positive response from the council's Head of Environment on raising this with hi, as follows :

"We have modified bins at the top of the Law and we are monitoring to see how successful they are and will look to provide a solution at Riverside."