Friday, 12 August 2016

Engage in the West End! @EngageDundee

Yesterday, along with the West End Communities Officer and my ward colleagues, I participated in a useful discussion at the Mitchell Street Centre about the issues affecting the West End that could be tackled as part of the new West End Community Plan.

A Community Plan for the West End has been in place since 2008.    Over the years much has been delivered and it is now time to develop a new plan for the coming period - 2017 to 2022.

As part of the process to create new Local Community Plans, Dundee City Council, on behalf of the Dundee Partnership, is seeking to identify the issues that give residents concern about life in their neighbourhood, with a focus on what needs to happen to make improvements. 

The results of these consultations will be fed into the appropriate agencies and authorities to develop relevant responses.     At the end of the process it is hoped to have a plan that reflects the wishes and views of the majority of people who live in each ward. 
Click here to go to the Engage Dundee questionnaire (city wide) on the Dundee City Council website - this allows you to complete the questionnaire online.

A printable copy of the West End questionnaire is here for use with people who would prefer not to use online.    If you chose to print and complete this version, please either return it to the Mitchell Street Centre or leave at Blackness Library marked for the attention of the West End Communities Officer.   Many thanks!