Wednesday, 4 May 2016

New street lighting in Pentland

I recently participated in a site visit with the Street Lighting Partnership Manager and also with the Chair of Community Spirit Action Group, the local residents' group, to look at the new street lighting in Pentland.

The new lighting has been met with mixed reviews and, at the site visit, I asked that the lighting levels be measured to ensure they meet acceptable standards.     The Street Lighting Partnership Manager has now updated me as follows :

"I can confirm that we have now verified our lighting levels within the Pentland/Saggar Street area.

Measurements were carried out very late at night in order to minimise spill light from properties. 

Lighting levels were measured at a number of various locations throughout Saggar Street, Pentland Crescent and Colinton Place and I can confirm that all achieved the required designed levels with only one exception.

The single location which failed was at the rear of the footpath outside block number 8 on Saggar Street. This is due to the presence of a large tree at this location which overhangs not only the footpath but extends over the carriageway as well. However some extensive tree pruning will rectify this issue."

The Street Lighting Partnership has supplied me with a map of the estate with details of trees needing trimmed that will improve the effectiveness of the new lighting.     I have given this to environment managers asking that necessary tree trimming work be carried out.

Another aspect of the new lighting is that, because it is focussed on the road and pavements, it does not light paths and steps to housing as well as the old lighting.    I contacted housing officers about this indicating that 'security' type static lights should be considered for dark paths and stepped areas and the Head of Housing and Communities has advised :

"While this raises a number of issues including available resources we are happy to have initial discussions with colleagues in the Street Lighting Partnership.

Once we have done so we will have a better idea of all the relevant issues and will come back to you to update on our position."
Me pictured at the Saggar Street/Loganlee Terrace junction with the new street lights in Loganlee Terrace