Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Xplore Dundee Bus Service 10

I have received a number of constituents' concerns about the reliability of the Xplore Dundee Service 10, particularly running from the Technology Park.

I took up the matter with the Managing Director of Xplore Dundee who has responded as follows :

"We are actively working towards a solution to the No. 10 Service, we are aware of the issues and are also unhappy that our customers are having problems with the service. We have had a number of staff monitoring the service to identify specific pinch points along the route to allow us to be sure any fix resolves the issues permanently.

We have had issues around a number of areas on the back half of the route, road works, faulty traffic lights and problems traversing the Forfar Road. All of these have simply compounded our passengers difficulties. 

Our scheduler is currently working on a resolution which should alleviate the problem long term.

Despite recent press suggestions we do not care, we have offered to engage with customers who have issues with service provision and always respond to complaints. Our aim is to resolve the issue permanently however we can not guarantee to increase levels of service in areas where there are insufficient customers to make a service viable.

Time scales for any permanent change will however be subject to legal constraints or at short notice if supported by Dundee City Council."