Monday 28 December 2015

Road safety - Blackness Road

I have received several constituents' concerns about the speed of a minority of vehicles and pedestrian safety on Blackness Road between Elm Street and Balgay Road - see right.

I raised this with the City Council's Head of Transportation who advises :

"I have looked to see what information we have and a recent speed survey undertaken last year between Elm Street and Balgay Road and it indicated that the average speed Blackness Road was about 27mph which indicates that most motorists are driving within the limit.

As you may be aware the junction of Blackness Road / Balgay Road / Blackness Ave has been identified through our Accident Investigation and Prevention processes (road safety) for investigation with possible low cost engineering measures being put in place. At this time we have yet to decide what will be undertaken at this site as investigations are at an early stage so I am not in a position to inform you what will be carried out at this location.

I will let you know once our investigations and design are completed."