Monday, 21 December 2015

Unfortunate licensing decision - Caird Bar and Grill

Caird Rest
I have called the decision by Dundee City Licensing Board to refuse an alcohol licence for the proposed Caird Bar and Grill as very unfortunate and not in the interests of the city’s economic growth and Dundee’s aspiration to have more top destination venues that will be attractive to the thousands of visitors that will come to Dundee to visit the V&A at Dundee when it is opened.

I am not a member of the Licensing Board, but understand the need for an alcohol ‘overprovision’ policy.   However, it should be used only as a guide and that when high quality applications came forward, exceptions had to be made, to ensure the growing quality of venues for local people and for visitors to the city.    

It is very unusual for me to get a flurry of complaints from constituents about a Licensing Board decision but that is exactly what has happened over the past few days.   Constituents are genuinely perplexed by this decision that they feel is not in the interests of Dundee’s visitor offering and of providing new high quality destination venues in the city.    I have written to licensing officers questioning the decision.    

I really don’t think this should be the end of the road for this application.     Dundee needs more facilities like the proposed Caird Bar and Grill and the decision taken last week was therefore extremely unfortunate.