Friday, 5 December 2014

Proposed crossing - Riverside Avenue

With two further pedestrian crossing recently installed on Riverside Drive (east of Barnetts Motors and also west of Tesco Riverside), constituents have asked if it is still the City Council's intention to provide one further west on Riverside Avenue at the Riverside Nature Park entrance.

I sought an assurance from the Head of Transportation and was advised :

"The intention remains to provide a traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing. This will likely be funded in future years by Cycling Walking and Safer Streets and /or Sustrans grant.

A strategy of measures is being followed, namely speed limit change to 40mph crossings at Magdalen Green, Seabraes connection, Barnetts,  Harris‎ Academy, Access to Riverside Nature Park, the underpass at Invergowrie and traffic signal control at Swallow Roundabout will give access to / from routes into the Western Gateway villages. Thus ensuring maximised permeability in terms of access to and from Waterfront for the West end (removing the road /rail barriers) 

The road space realllocation is also part of the strategy. 

In terms of at,Riverside Nature Park, probably FY16/17 or FY 17/18. However if match funding  opportunities arise we may be able to deliver earlier."