Sunday, 14 December 2014

Perth Road roadworks - an end in sight

Quite a few residents have queried the extended period that temporary traffic lights have been operating on Perth Road, just west of Windsor Street.

The City Council has now updated me as follows :

"The temporary traffic lights currently on Perth Road at Windsor Street belong to Scotland Gas Networks. 

SGN have been renewing the mains in several west end streets and this section of Perth Road is part of this project. The temp lights have been listed in our weekly road report since they were set up. 

The reason for the lack of site personnel is that work on the main is now complete. The track has been backfilled and the excavated concrete replaced by the contractor. 

Given the cold weather the curing time for the concrete takes longer. This is the resaon for the site being vacant. 

Once the concrete has cured sufficently the blacktop will be laid. I expect this to happen early next week and the lights be off by the middle of that week."