Friday, 12 December 2014

Dundee Food Train

I have mentioned the award winning Food Train in the past and this is a reminder about this great service that supports older people aged 65 or over to live independently in their own communities by delivering groceries to people who have difficulty doing their weekly food shopping.

Dundee City Council has contracted the Food Train Service to provide a grocery shopping delivery service to people in Dundee aged 65 and over who are having difficulty in managing their grocery shopping.

The  Food Train   further  supports older people to live independently at home  by  addressing some of the  difficulties older people face in getting their weekly grocery shopping. As a Social Enterprise, this preventative service  provides choice and flexibility to older people  and supports people gain employment by providing opportunities for volunteering in the community. 

For those older people with mobility difficulties, the Food Train  helps them  organise   their weekly groceries from the shops to their homes. There is a £3.00 delivery charge payable. Customers pay a £1.00 fee to join the Food Train.

For further information contact: Grant Simmons, Regional Manager, Food Train, Telephone 459202 - - Office D, Market Mews, Market Street, Dundee, DD3 1LA

Volunteers needed!

The Food train needs volunteers to deliver their grocery shopping and home delivery service to older people living  in the community. 

They need:


Further information from Kirsty or Grant at the above address.