Friday, 22 August 2014

West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting

Last night, I participated in the latest West End Local Community Planning Partnership (LCPP) meeting at Blackness Library.

The LCPP meeting is an opportunity for representatives from different council departments, councillors and representatives from other organisations like police, fire and rescue and the NHS to discuss local issues, matters of concern and strategic issues.

Yesterday we had presentations on the review of property assets across the West End (and the city as a whole), the impending changes to waste collections and recycling arrangements and also from Sibelius Erskine-Smith of the Scottish Youth Parliament and Dundee Youth Council, who is joining the LCPP as youth representative.

On the waste/recycling collections issue, I sought assurances about consultation with residents before any changes take place.

Earlier last night, my weekly ward surgeries started again after the school holidays, with my Thursday surgery at Blackness Primary School.    Full details of my surgeries are given below :