Monday, 4 August 2014

Bus changes later this month ...

With thanks to Suzy Scott, who produces the website, details of the August 2014 bus changes can be accessed here.    

The significant changes affecting the West End include Stagecoach Service 96 no longer operating along to Ninewells Hospital (service now 42A/42B Dundee City Centre – St Andrews only) and the opening of the new Bus Interchange at Lochee Bank Street, affecting services such as the 28/29 that run through parts of the West End Ward.

PDFs of timetables for services relevant to the West End are available as follows :

Services 5 and X5 - download timetable here:

Some changes to improve reliability, including;

Monday to Friday 06.50 X5, 07.03 5 & 07.25 X5 Barnhill – Ninewells Hospital are extended to the Technology Park.

Monday to Friday 17.08 Service X5 Ninewells – Barnhill will now be a Service 5 via Broughty Ferry Road and Greendykes Road , instead of an X5.       

Changes take effect from Sunday 17th August 2014 although those caused by opening of the interchange at Lochee may be a little later depending on the interchange completion and opening.    Note that school services for St John's High School - 9S and 10S - are not changing at this time.

Services 9-12 Outer Circle - download timetable here.

Service 28 - download timetable here:

Service rerouted via Lochee High Street (lower), Bank Street – New Bus Interchange, Lochee By Pass, picking up current route from Harefield Roundabout.    Buses via this route in reverse towards Douglas.   Some changes to times as a result.

Service 29 - download timetable here:

No change to routes towards Asda West.     On journeys towards Douglas, buses will follow existing route along South Road, then Lochee Bank Street – New Bus Interchange, Lochee High Street (lower) and onto Douglas.    Some changes to times as a result.

Service 203 - download timetable here:

This service includes Scott Street, Perth Road etc.   There is a revised route in Lochee via Lochee By-Pass, Bank Street (New Interchange) and the lower part of Lochee High Street. (Southbound – via reverse northbound). Some minor timetable changes as a consequence.