Monday, 21 July 2014

Roseangle flooding tackled - News Release from Scottish Water @ScotWaterNews

News release

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21st July 2014


Scottish Water has invested over £780,000 to investigate and resolve historic flooding issues, which have affected around 43 properties in Roseangle, Dundee.

Flooding had affected residents living in the area, largely due to blocked drains, however there had been a few occasions when the flooding occurred during heavy rain, with no blockage found, potentially due to a surcharging of the sewer.

West End Dundee City Councillor Fraser Macpherson said: “I am extremely pleased that this work has been carried out and grateful to Scottish Water for tackling the issue.

“It is very good news indeed for the local community that these flooding issues have been addressed which will hopefully ensure that residents are protected against flooding risk in the future.”

The work to alleviate the flooding was carried out by Gontmij, on behalf of Scottish Water. This involved carrying out a CCTV and manhole survey on the network in the immediate surroundings, to identify the main issues.

Following a series of investigations it was decided to install a new valve which will protect the affected properties by preventing further flooding from occurring.

Scottish Water’s Project Manager, James Weir, said: “The completion of this particular project in Roseangle has been welcomed by local residents, who are delighted with the work we have been able to carry out.

“Scottish Water is working incredibly hard to achieve further reductions in flooding and protect the surrounding environment. We are well aware the consequences of flooding can cause much misery and it’s vital we continue to work with our customers to reduce the number of incidents occurring.

“With over 80% of flooding from sewers caused by inappropriate items being disposed of in toilets and drains, we must encourage everyone to dispose of waste items properly, preventing needless flooding and in return help improve the environment. 

 “Scottish Water is committed to doing everything we can to help communities and customers by playing our part in tackling flooding and dealing with the impact of heavy rainfall. Since 2010 we have removed 260 properties from the internal and external flooding registers.

“Customers wishing to learn more about how they can play their part in protecting the water cycle should visit”

Since forming in 2002, Scottish Water has invested £43.3m in the Dundee area. Scottish Water is continuing this work by investing heavily in Dundee in the 2010-15 investment period to improve water and waste water services across the region.