Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Getting things done - steps in Pentland

I have recently received complaints about the deteriorated state of the steps within the Pentland estate that run between Pentland Avenue to Pentland Crescent and also between Pentland Crescent to Colinton Place.

Responsibility for their maintenance now lies with council's City Development Department and, following my raising the situation with the department, an officer from the department has now updated me as follows :

"I have visited the site and whilst I did not see broken slabs, there are, however, areas where the joints in the slabs require some cement pointing and some of the vertical brick risers require some cement facing.    There is a broken slab at the set of steps to the rear of 48 Pentland Ave, the maintenance of this set of steps still lies with Housing Department.

It is our intention to put together a package for minor repair work at the five sets of step areas we are responsible for in the Pentland area :

the link from 48 Pentland Avenue to opposite 25 Pentland Crescent
the link from 40 Pentland Avenue to opposite 17 Pentland Crescent
the link from 30 Pentland Avenue to opposite 9 Pentland Crescent
the link from 17 Pentland Crescent to opposite 9 Colinton Place
the link from 9 Pentland Crescent to opposite 1 Colinton Place"