Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Getting things done ... Road safety at Pinegrove

Residents have highlighted to me a road safety concern at the south exit from Pinegrove that exits onto Shepherd's Loan.

The part of Shepherd's Loan that the slip road exists onto is the one-way only (northwards) at the north end of Shepherd's Loan, but there is no 'one-way only' sign on exit.    Vehicles have been noted by residents exiting south onto Shepherd's Loan in error.

I contacted the City Council's transportation division in City Development about this.    It was pointed out that the east footway of Shepherd's Loan (opposite the exit) is very narrow and a sign there would add to street clutter on an already narrow pavement.    However, an obvious solution would be to place a "one way" sign within Pinegrove itself as drivers exit onto the main road.

Pinegrove is a private road and so I contacted the factors (Graham & Sibbald) about seeking permission to have a sign erected within Pinegrove.   Graham & Sibbald has been extremely co-operative and helpful and consulted householders about the proposal - all are supportive.    Representatives from Graham & Sibbald and the council's transportation division are shortly to meet on-site to agree the "one way" sign's precise location.