Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poundstretcher car park - Lochee Road

A constituent recently expressed concern to me at the extremely poor state of the car park at the Poundstretcher store on Lochee Road - the photo (below) shows how broken-down the surface has become.
So many thanks to the Property Director, £stretcher, who promptly replied to my request for repairs, as follows:

"We are aware of the issues at the Dundee store and in the last couple of weeks have asked 3 contractors to price the car park works

This is a priority for us. We have received one very high quote, the second one due back today and the other contractor is attending site on Wednesday 

Both you and your constituents will be pleased to hear that the car park will be a complete resurface as we have continually carried out patch repairs for a number of years following our Landlord going into Administration (it was his plan to redevelop the entire site) 

We do need to manage the expectations though as it is ... the winter months and this is a large job, which we will need to have carried out at suitable times with frosts/ freezing conditions etc."