Sunday 1 July 2007

West Loan, Polepark Playpark (again), Perth Road area, Seabraes good news ...

With thanks to colleagues, we finished the last of the latest West End FOCUS deliveries yesterday & whilst delivering the West Loan area (north side of Perth Road just west of Clouvis Duveau Drive) I was pleased to note the Leisure & Communities Department busy tidying the overgrown grass here (see photo, above right).
Following residents' complaints recently, I raised concerns about the grounds maintenance both here and at the nearby Technology Park. The latter is the responsibility of Scottish Enterprise and SET locally has promised me they will raise it with their national organisation to get the overgrown grass tidied there too.
I've already had a positive response to my recent raising of the state of the Polepark Road playpark (click on headline above to view) with the Waste Management Department promising a tidy-up.
Also pleased that the Department and SET have agreed to meet tomorrow to look at how to tackle the graffiti at Seabraes that I have raised recently and featured in the local press.
Lastly, thanks to the Waste Management Department for swiftly responding to a number of complaints about dumped rubbish in the Perth Road area that I had raised following residents' complaints - e.g. near Springfield and near the former Valentine's site.