Saturday 28 July 2007

Back from holiday ...

We've been away on holiday the last couple of weeks (which explains lack of blog entries) and just back (seriously jet-lagged, having had two overnight flights on the way home!)
Anyway, great holiday - a couple of photos from both locations (Hawaii and Las Vegas) below. For friends and family I've put a few more on my Myspace pages - - and if you click the headline above, you can see my rather sad attempt at posting a video from Hawaii on!
I have returned to find my e-mail server down so I don't have much of a clue about what's been happening whilst we've been away but I must take this opportunity to sincerely thank the resident who very kindly sent me a text when I was away to let me know the outcome of the Tay Rope Works Planning Appeal. I am delighted at the Reporter's Decision, dismissing the developer's appeal and upholding my motion to refuse planning permission. Am also most grateful to both the group of local residents who took a very active part in the Public Inquiry and also to West End Community Council for all it did too.
Photos! - Hawaii first; really liked Hawaii - not been before - nice climate (not over-hot) and plenty to do and see :

Above : View from hotel balcony

Above : Yours truly!

And a couple from Vegas :

Above : Obvious place to eat in Vegas, I suppose!

Above : Me outside the hotel in Vegas