Sunday 29 July 2007

Review of polling districts and stations

The City Council is undertaking a review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations at present and is currently seeking comments on the current arrangements. You can see the list of current polling stations at and if you click the headline above, you can download existing ward maps.
As there was a boundary review as recently as last year, I doubt there will be calls for dramatic changes. In the West End, the existing polling districts and 10 polling stations seem sensible. The only adverse comments I received during May's election was some confusion about the new polling station at the Al-Maktoum Centre (serving part of my former Tay Bridges Ward and part of the former Logie Ward) and certainly a few people due to vote at the new polling station turned up at St Peter Street Church Hall on 3rd May (where they used to vote). Hopefully this teething problem introducing the new station will not occur again in the future.
You can send comments on the City's Polling Districts, Places and Stations to the City Council by 10th August - by e-mailing