Saturday 3 February 2024

Update on former rail goods yard at Seabraes #dundeewestend

As residents are aware, over many years, the former rail goods yard at Seabraes behind Roseangle has been fenced off due to decontamination works by contractors for site owners Scottish Enterprise (SE).

It was pointed out to us that recently, although the hoardings along the path from Roseangle are still there, the east entrance (where Greenmarket roadway currently ends) was wide open and the public could walk into the site.

We raised several questions with SE - below - along with SE's responses :

Q : Is the access at the east end intentional?

A : Access is not intentional and Colliers our managing agent for the site have now instructed the landscapers to secure the site as soon as possible.

Q : If so, should the hoardings now be removed?

A : There is no intention for the hoardings to be removed at this time.

Q : Is the decontamination work complete?

A : The outstanding work is not in relation to decontamination; however, it is a drainage issue which we are working to resolve following remediation work which was carried out by SE several years ago.

We are actively working towards a solution to the drainage issue on this site, however it is a complicated process which involves involvement of both Network Rail and Tesco who own neighbouring land.

Due to the involvement of other parties and the complicated nature of these works, it is expected to take some time to resolve.

Q : What are SE’s intentions now for the site?

A : Once the drainage issue has been resolved it is intended that SE market the site for sale (residential use).