Sunday 29 October 2023

Riverside Recycling Centre update #dundeewestend

As residents will be aware, following Storm Babet and the continuing heavy rain since, the Riverside Recycling Centre has been closed due to flooding.

We asked the council for an update and received this on Friday from the Assistant Waste Services Manager :

"Despite ongoing efforts to pump hundreds of thousands of litres of flood water out of the site by both ground pumps and gully tankers, the Yellow weather warning and torrential rain has set us back a number of days with the water levels having increased again overnight.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to give any indication of a likely re-opening date at this stage as the site must be fully cleared of standing water and a clean-up operation completed, and we are actively monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

Employee and public safety is our paramount focus, and we need to ensure the site is fully safe to re-open.

We will continue to provide website updates to the public as matters progress."