Wednesday 29 March 2023

Roads and pavements improvements for the West End 2023/24 #dundeewestend

The City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership has published its proposed roads and footpaths resurfacing and improvements programme for the new financial year.

West End proposed work includes :

Adopted Footway Programme 2023-24

· Perth Road South Side - West Wynd to Springfield (Partial Reconstruction)

· Blackness Road North Footpath, Elliot Road to Roundabout (Slurry Seal)

· Hawkhill - Taits Lane to Peddie Street North (Slurry Seal)

· Menzieshill Road - Link Path to Perth Road (Slurry Seal)

· Perth Road - South Path either side of Millbay (Slurry Seal)

· Perth Road - Riverside to Invergowrie - South Side (Slurry Seal)

Non-Adopted Asset Programme 2023-24

· Pitfour Street at Junction of Rosebery Street (Reconstruction)

· Western Cemetery Drainage Work

Carriageway Programme 2023-24

· Riverside Drive - Northbound from Tesco goods to Railway Station (Resurface)

· Riverside Drive-Avenue Roundabout and patches (Resurface)

· Rockfield Crescent - Marchfield Crescent to Hyndford Street (Resurface)

· South Marketgait - Railway Station to Greenmarket (Resurface)

· Sycamore Place - Balgay Road to Logie Avenue (Resurface)

· West Grove Avenue - Bottom Section (Resurface)

Whilst any pavements and roads improvements are welcome, the current budget is wholly inadequate and far too few roads and footpaths are being upgraded. At the council’s revenue budget last month, the Liberal Democrat Group proposed an additional £2 million next year for roads resurfacing, £1 million on pavements resurfacing to properly tackle the state of many footpaths and road surfaces that we get so many complaints about.

Unfortunately the other parties voted this down but our group will continue to campaign for roads and pavements improvements.