Saturday 18 February 2023

Getting things done - Rockfield Crescent #dundeewestend

We have long campaigned for resurfacing of the road in Rockfield Crescent and were previously advised by the City Council at the start of 2022 :

"Rockfield Crescent is provisionally included in the 2022/2023 Carriageway Resurfacing Programme (Marchfield Crescent to Hyndford Street)."

We sought an update recently as the 2022/23 financial year draws to a close and the Senior Engineer - Roads Maintenance Partnership has now updated us as follows :

"I can confirm that unfortunately Rockfield Crescent is one of 20 carriageway schemes that are being deferred to the new financial year. T  his has been due in the main to the vast increase in bitumen prices which has curtailed our works programme.

The works deferred from this year will be programmed as early as possible in the new financial year."

We have asked to be kept updated as we are anxious to see this resurfacing take place as soon as possible.