Thursday 16 February 2023

Bus timetables concern - an update #dundeewestend

As residents will be aware, over a protracted period, we have raised with the City Council that, although real time bus information is working at bus shelters, paper timetables had been out of date since the bus companies altered services at the start of the COVID health emergency in 2020.

Bus stops in our neighbouring authorities like Angus and Perth and Kinross have had timetables restored long since and we were given assurances that timetables in Dundee would start to make a reappearance.

We asked for an update and the council's Senior Transport Officer updated us as follows :

"We have now prepared, printed and set out timetable information at around 350 bus stops across the city.

We have focused our efforts on the busiest stops where passenger loadings are most significant.

We are reviewing the datasets provided to us by the bus operators before we generate any further displays."

There's updated timetables on the Perth Road bus stop at Party Wizard but, as the photo indicated, it had been covered in an unauthorised advert. We asked the council to have the glass panel cleaned and were promised this would be done.