Thursday 28 July 2022

Bus timetables at bus stops - or lack of them! - an update

Residents will recall that we highlighted some time ago that, although real time bus information is working at bus shelters, paper timetables have been out of date since the bus companies altered services at the start of the COVID-19 health emergency.

This has dragged on far too long. The City Council has maintained the position that 'instability' in the bus network has made providing new timetables at bus stops difficult, but we are have now been advised by the council's Team Leader, Parking & Sustainable Transport as follows :

"We are targeting the timetable information to be ready for display by 15th August 2022.

We are required to create the timetable display in pdf format using the data supplied by the bus operators. We have now received that from Xplore Dundee and will look to create the PDFs over the next two weeks.

These will be then sent to the printer who will print the PDFs to specialist (waterproof) paper. We should receive the displays back from the printer by mid August allowing us to start setting out the information at the stops to coincide with the new timetables.

I had hoped we would have been able to create publicity for some of the stops on routes that are unaffected by the Xplore Dundee service changes in August. If this can be achieved earlier than the timeframe above I will let you know.

We will be provide printed information on selected stops only. Locations will be decided in due course but we will consider a number of factors when making our decision - e.g. whether the stop is used primarily for boarding or alighting, whether the bus timetable is expected to be varied regularly, the availability of real time information at the location."

Whilst the return of bus timetables is welcome, whilst we do not expect them where real time information is available at bus shelters, we would want them at all other bus stops. We have asked the City Council to confirm this will be the case.