Sunday 29 May 2022

World View - Travelling the Globe through Art & Design

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee :

World View - Travelling the Globe through Art & Design
Lamb Gallery, Tower Building, University of Dundee
Running now until 22nd July 2022
Monday to Friday 9.30am-7pm

Over the past two years the pandemic has prevented most of us from travelling. At the same time, we are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of travel.

This exhibition presents an opportunity to see the world remotely through the creative eyes of previous travellers over the past 200 years – artists who used different cultural experiences as inspiration for their work, though often seen through a western, colonial viewpoint.

The exhibition also features a range of traditional and modern designs from other parts of the world – from Korean ceramics to Scandinavian textiles and beyond. All of the objects and artworks on display are drawn from the University’s own Museum Collections.