Wednesday 7 July 2021

Getting things done - weeds at road edges #dundeewestend

In the past couple of weeks, I have had many complaints about weed growth at road edges in numerous streets in the West End - Peddie Street and Hillcrest Road being two examples amongst many.

I contacted our local environment manager about this and have been advised as follows :

"The street spraying in the West End has not started yet.    For various reasons the start of the operation had been delayed and then the quad operator had to self isolate.

We should be able to start some time this week, weather permitting, and I should have another quad freed up within the next week or so which will we will use to help us catch up."

I was interested to read recently that North Lanarkshire Council officials are trialling a new type of weedkiller following a decision earlier this month to extend the local authority's existing ban on products containing glyphosate. Options including hot foam and steam are being tested, and now a different weedkiller product is being tried out.

I contacted Dundee City Council's Head of Environment about this sensible initiative by North Lanarkshire Council and he has responded as follows :

"Yes, I can confirm that officers are considering viable alternatives. I am unaware, however, of the alternative herbicide mentioned and we will contact North Lanarkshire to learn more."