Sunday 11 July 2021

Getting things done - Roseangle playpark #dundeewestend

I received this very sensible suggestion from a resident who lives very close to the Roseangle playpark :

“ …. would it not be a good idea to have "children playing" signs on approach to Roseangle play park? There are of course the 20mph signs, but people do sometimes rattle quite fast down Roseangle and I think it would be good for drivers to be alerted to the fact that there may well be children around.”

I raised this with the City Council's Traffic & Road Safety Team Leader who has responded positively as follows :

"We will consider the request for signs and I hope that the 20mph zone keep the speeds down.

I will pass it on to one of my colleagues to have a look at and hopefully that this is OK.

We are very busy right now and we are in the holiday period so we are thin on the ground as they say so it will take time.

We will look at it and see what we can do."