Saturday 5 June 2021

Getting things done - Lochee Park #dundeewestend

A number of residents have said it would be a great boon for Lochee Park to have a multi-use games area (MUGA). These are now provided in various locations in the city and would be of real benefit in Lochee Park.

I therefore took up the matter with environment management at the City Council and indeed raised it at the council's Neighbourhood Services Committee.

The Service Manager - Environment has updated me as follows :

"While in agreement that the addition of a MUGA would potentially be an asset to Lochee Park, we do not have capital monies available to fund such a project currently.

Funds are focused on health and safety, balanced with need and level of use throughout all wards. We will of course keep it on our radar to explore feasibility in the future."

I have responded asking that Lochee Park is considered in future capital programmes for a multi-use games area and will continue to pursue this.