Friday 12 February 2021

Street lighting - Hillside/Glamis Drive/Hazel Drive area - further update

Further to my update earlier this week about the street lights being out in much of the Hillside/Glamis Drive/Hazel Drive area, in which I advised that there was an electricity supply problem, I have now received this further news from SSE :

"Our Network Integrity team are aware of this fault and have advised that it is high on this priority list.

We have had a number of faults on our network as a result of the snowfall which the team have had to attend to in the first instance.

Can you please share our apologies and advise that we will resolve this by next week at the latest?"

I should add that, after receiving this update yesterday afternoon, residents advised me that SSE vans had appeared, so if the lights were not back on last night they should now be back on very soon.