Tuesday 16 February 2021

Progress with the Sinderins Beacon #dundeewestend

Residents with fairly long memories may remember the "Dundee Decides" participatory budgeting consultation in early 2018.

In the West End, one of the successful projects covered the Perth Road district shopping centre.     Some of that - for example the "Perth Road" seating at the entrance to the Miller's Wynd car park - has been long completed but there have been repeated delays with the Sinderins Beacon, the proposal for a entrance structure at the west end of the shopping area at Sinderins.

I am pleased to say that there is finally some progress towards completing this.     The council's Public Art Planning Officer has recently updated me as follows :

"The beacon is in fabrication and the last details for the site works are being worked on.  

I believe the aim is to complete by 31st March. 

However, I am assuming that it cannot be guaranteed as there a few different contractors involved who effected by the pandemic in different ways."

More information is available below :