Sunday 17 January 2021

Money Map – an update from Dundee Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Dundee CAB has advised councillors of a very useful online ‘Money Map’ tool from Citizens’ Advice Scotland.

It advises :

“The tool is hosted at  and brings together all the options for how people can improve their incomes and cut their living costs through areas such as housing, benefits, grants and energy bills and directs them to online sites where they can access these options. 

The strength of the tool is that it gathers in all the best online sources of help, because we know that people can get frustrated searching endlessly online for information and often end up in the wrong place.

In Dundee we’ve seen people struggle with money, often not knowing what they are entitled to, and we know the pandemic has exacerbated this problem for many people. 

Polling by YouGov shows the extent to which the pandemic has had an impact on household budgets. Almost half of people have run out of money before payday since restrictions began, and of those people 30 per cent have seen their financial situations worsen during restrictions.

While this is a digital option for people who can self-help, please also be aware that at Dundee CAB we have been providing advice throughout this crisis by telephone, email and face to face appointments in essential circumstances. 

We want to help people in Dundee through this crisis and plan to be there to help them afterwards.”